Fall Doe Camp Registration

At Jackson's Lodge, Canaan, VT. Sept. 15 - 17, 2017.

You can save your spot by mailing your $100 deposit to:

VOW, P.O. Box 10, N. Ferrisburg, VT. 05473-0010  Phone: 802-425-6211  Email


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We have several class openings with registration deadline approaching.
Space is available for daily drive-ins or if you'd like to camp out.
We also have cabins off site for groups.

 Please print and fill out all the requested information (Deadline - Postmarked by Sept. 7th)
(Class schedule may change due to circumstances beyond our control)


The Cabins at Jackson's Lodge are full  but there are plenty of class openings and space for camping out or daily drive-ins. There are also cabins available down the road at Quimby Country for the same weekend fee.

Doe Camp registration is on a first come first served basis. You do not need previous outdoor experience to attend. Each class is designed to offer hands-on experience for beginners and pros alike in a supportive environment. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Most classes will include a trip to the woods or water so please dress comfortably and sensibly. We recommend that you bring hiking shoes/sneakers and rain gear since classes will be held rain or shine.

The lakeside log cabins at Jackson’s Lodge combine a rustic and relaxing family-friendly atmosphere with all the modern necessities you’ll need during your New England vacation.

Please read the class descriptions carefully for details on what clothing/gear and levels of physical activity and experience are expected. 

Equipment is provided (Exceptions are noted in course descriptions). However, please feel free to bring your own equipment. Your firearms MUST be stored unloaded and kept in a locked case or with trigger lock. If you intend to fish, please bring along your Vermont fishing license. Purchase your license online: 

Confirmation: Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you an email confirming your payment.  A letter listing your class choices and schedule will be sent to you as soon as it is available.  Directions to Jackson's Lodge are at:   Please consider carpooling! 

Cancellation Policy: Vermont Outdoors Woman will accept cancellation and will refund the entire amount of the registration if the cancellation is received before September 1, 1017. Request for a refund must be received in writing or via email; no phone cancellations will be accepted.

Cancellations after September 1 will forfeit the entire program fee.  Substitutes are allowed.

(Please print clearly) Participants are also given free membership to VOW.

First Name:             _____________________       Last Name: _______________________

Mailing Address:  ________________________________   City:  _________________    State: _______    Zip: ____________

Phone:  ________________________   E-mail:          ______________________________

Occupation: ____________________   Birth Date: ______________________________

Please check one: Night Owl ____   Early to Bed ____  No Preference ____
This is for determining the location of your accommodations.

Do you receive our e-newsletter? ___ yes ____ no ____ please add me!


Emergency Contact: ________________________ Phone Number:_______________

Do you have any medical conditions, injuries, allergies, dietary restrictions, and are you taking any medication?    Yes __    No __
If yes please explain:  


Your signature implies acceptance of terms and conditions above and disclaimers below. Please direct questions to the VOW office staff. 

*** Disclaimers: Registration implies acceptance that there is inherent risk in all outdoor pursuits including accidental death and serious injury. Participants attend Doe Camp at their own risk.  Class schedules and instructors are subject to change without notice. The staff at Doe Camp reserves the right to make appropriate changes in the schedule if necessary. Any photographs and video taken of participants may be used to promote Vermont Outdoors Woman and the Vermont Outdoor Guide Association.  Thank you for your participation.  

*** Signature:                                                                                                                                                   *** Date: ________________


*Optional, For all Campers: Describe a rare fact about you or rare experience you have had. For example: “Have hiked Mt. Everest,” “Have more than a dozen pets….”


(Choose Only One)

Program Fee: includes lodging for Friday & Saturday nights, all meals from Friday Dinner through Sunday lunch, and classes.     
______ $390 
(Bring your sleeping bag as you may need to double up.) Cabins; (Capacity: 4 - 5 & 6 - 8 people)

_______ $10 Linen Rental Fee (includes blankets, pillow, towels & sheets)

Program Fee & Private Room, ( There are only 2 private rooms with queen sized beds & full bathrooms) FULL
$490 for single = $390 + $100
_______ $440 per person for two. Name of second person: ________________________________________________

Save $ with our Discount Options! (Only one discount per person or group)

                   $370, Discounted weekend rate for Friday late arrivals. (Your weekend starts with Friday dinner, you'll miss the 1st session)

______  $310,  Camping: (You will have shower and toilet access. Instructors will be available for camping advice. )

_______   Drive in: (Includes all meals and classes)     __  $80.00 Friday,  +  __ $110 Saturday  + __ $90.00 Sunday  =  $_________

10% pp Discounts

______ $351.00 pp Groups of 3 or more.   Please provide your friends names:  _________________________ &

                     ___________________________ & __________________________ & ____________________________

 ______  $351.00 pp  Mother/Daughter Her Name(s)/Relationship:  _______________________________________

You can add extra names for you group here:

Support VOW with a Donation (Optional)

Donations help us continue to provide these programs and others like them. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Amount   $____________     Many thanks for your support!


Instructor Donations!

Instructors donate their time and expertise to make Doe Camp an affordable and exceptional weekend. We will be collecting money for their travel expenses at the event or you can donate now.  Suggested donation: $10-20.


Drawing is Sunday after lunch. (You need to be present to win, raffle tickets will be sold at the event as well )

Program fee includes one free raffle ticket for the chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes.

 $5.00 One Ticket   $20.00  Five tickets    $50.00 Fifteen tickets


Total Weekend Cost
You can now pay with plastic through our PayPal account; however, there will be a 3% service fee.
Do not write down your CC number, we will send you an invoice via email.


Program Fee:                            $  _________                                                       Subtotal:               $ _______________

+ VOW Donation:                   $  _________                                                        Minus Deposit:  $ _______________

+ Instructor Donation:        $  _________                                                        Balance:                 $ _________________

+ Raffle Tickets                        $  _________                                                      

           I’ll pay with a credit card! Please email a PayPal invoice to me.   Add 3 %.:   =  $ _________________

Please send your check payment to:  VOW,  P.O. Box 10, N. Ferrisburgh, VT 05473

You will be assigned FOUR courses.
Note: Please look at the schedule to make sure that your top choices do not conflict!

We make every effort to give you your top choices but as classes fill up, we use the rest of your selection. Schedule, Course Descriptions and Instructor Bios are available on the website.  Please read them carefully before choosing a course, it is very possible that there will be schedule conflicts , so please check the schedule before you make your choices.  All courses are  subject to availability and some may be cancelled or changed without notice.

In order for you to get your most preferred courses, please write the numbers 1 through 3 in each session, indicating your top three choices (1 being your most favored choice). See class descriptions:

Session One, Friday, Sept. 15
,  2-5 pm

____  Archery (All Levels), Max 12,  FULL
____  Boat Fishing for Trout & Bass, Max 3,  FULL
____  Becoming a Deer Hunter, Max 10,
Building a Harmonious Labyrinth, Max 15,
____  Clay Target Shooting, (Beginner) Max 10, FULL
____  Coping With Critters While Camping, Max 10,
____  Functional Fitness for Outdoor Activity Max 12,
____  Know Your North Woods, Max 12,  FULL
____  Log Rolling, Max 12,
____  Panning For Gold, Max 10,
____  Rifle or ___  Muzzleloader Skills & Safety, Max 10, (Pick one)

Session Two: Saturday Sept. 16,

6:30 AM – 7:30 AM Optional Early Bird Classes (Before Breakfast)

____ Birding,  
____ Yoga,   ____ Run & Splash 

8:30 - 11:30 AM

____  Advanced Clay Target, Max 10,
____  Archery (All Levels), Max12,  FULL
____  Basic Land Mobility Skills Max 12,
____  Birding Brousseau Mountain: Max 10,
____  Boat Fishing for Trout & Bass, Max 3, FULL
____  Compact Car, Canoe & kayak Camping, Max 10,
____  Fly Fishing, Beginner/Refresher, Max 8,  FULL
____  Game of Logging, Chainsaw Class, Max: 10,
____  Handgun Marksmanship & Safety, Max 10,
____  Know Your North Woods, Max 12,
____  Panning For Gold, Max 10,
____  Peaceful Paddling, SUP, Max 8
____  Nature Photography, Max 12,



Session Three: Saturday, Sept. 16, 2-5pm

____  Archery (All Levels), Max 12,
 Basic Water Mobility Skills Max 12,
____  Basket Weaving, Max 10, FULL
Birding the Averill Ponds: Max 10,  FULL
____  Boat Fishing for Trout & Bass, Max 3,  FULL
____  Clay Target Shooting, (Beginner) Max 10,
____  Fly Fishing, Beginner/Refresher, Max 8, FULL
____  Game of Logging, Chainsaw Class, Max 10,
____  Log Rolling, Max 12,
____  Peaceful Paddling, Kayaking, Max 8
____  Rifle or ___  Muzzleloader Skills & Safety, Max 10, (Pick one)
Solo Camping, Max 10,
____  Traditional Ax Skills, Max 8,  FULL

Session Four: Sunday, Sept. 17,

6:30 AM – 7:30 AM Optional Early Bird Classes (Before Breakfast)

____ Birding,   ____ Yoga,   ____ Run & Splash

8:30-11:30 AM

____  Basic Dowsing Workshop, Max 15, FULL
 Basket Weaving, Max 10, FULL
Birding Brousseau Mountain: Max 10,
Boat Fishing for Trout & Bass, Max 3,  FULL
____  Bowdrill Fire Making, Max 8,
____  Camp Fire Cooking for All Occasions, Max 10, FULL
____  Cold Exposure: How to Adapt and Overcome, Max 12,
____  Handgun Marksmanship & Safety, Max 10,  FULL
____  Nature Photography, Max 12,