Women’s Survival Weekend
Taught by instructor Jessie Krebs
October 26 – 27, 2019
North Ferrisburgh, VT.

Schedule and Class Descriptions, You can sign up for our waiting list if classes are full.

Core Survival Basics, October 26, 9 am -1 pm Saturday, As of October 21, Waiting List Only
Natural Navigation Techniques, October 26, 2-6 pm Saturday, As of October 21, Waiting List Only
Animal Encounter Do's and Don'ts, October 27,  9 am -1 pm Sunday, As of October 21, we have a few openings for this class.
Basic Camouflage and Evasion Movement Techniques, October 27, 2-6 pm Sunday, As of October 21, we have a few openings for this class.

Core Survival Basics - CORE Survival Training Essentials relating to the five basic needs of a survivor. Students will receive hands-on training covering how to decide whether to stay put or hike out; choosing and maintaining the ultimate survival tool – your knife; Signaling – the unsung and most important survival skill; Travel basics; Water; Essential Knots; Shelter basics; Fire principles; Food rationing; and Survival Kit preparation.

Natural Navigation Techniques:  There is a lot to know and learn about moving through the wilderness. A map and compass are incredibly useful, however what if for whatever reason you don't have them or a GPS? You were just going on a day hike and didn't want to spend the money on a map of the area. Maybe you forgot to grab your compass; perhaps your car broke down on a deserted back road; you were in a plane wreck, your compass/GPS was lost or broken... Any number of things can throw a wrench in the works of a perfectly good outing. So during this class we'll discuss and practice various ways to find the cardinal directions as well as some safe movement techniques you can use if you find yourself off-trail in a variety of environments.  We'll also teach you the basics of compass use and night navigation techniques to help you move more safely in the dark.

Animal Encounter Do's and Don'ts: There are a lot of other threats that come before animals as common causes of death in the back-country like getting too hot or cold, getting lost, falling, drowning, etc.,  generally poor decision making.  However a lot of people focus more on the critters that they might encounter and stress about it to the point of limiting their time out.  There are many methods to keep yourself and others safe in the rare circumstances of encountering something that has it out for you though. We'll share stories and go over techniques to deal with things like black, brown, and polar bear, mountain lion, dogs/wolves/coyote, wild boar, snakes, spiders, insects (by far the largest killers), alligators, and any other animals you're curious about either in North America or the broader world. Knowing how to deal with these and other potential threats can boost confidence and increase our sense of autonomy and competence in these and other situations.  We'll also learn some knots and go over how to make good bear hangs for food and trash to keep both you and the critters safe.  Come with questions and stories of encounters!

Basic Camouflage and Evasion Movement Techniques:  Due to being female in a world that is not always great at treating women with respect, I've valued the skills I learned in the military on how to fade into the woods and take care of my needs unobserved.  Ways to quickly camouflage yourself and learning how to move quietly are great confidence boosters if you like to take on solo adventures plus they are just plain FUN!  We'll come out of this class laughing and likely (if you choose to engage) covered in camouflage paint, dirt, and with leaves in our hair.  We'll learn and practice techniques for moving solo and as a team as well as play some stealth games to help tune your skills. 

Hope you can come play!

Camping out with Jessie on Saturday night is an option. This is a great opportunity to get some camping tips and there's no extra charge!! Just bring your gear.

Here’s our printable Registration Form: http://www.voga.org/Womens-Survival-Weekend-Oct-2019.htm

All women's classes will be taught by instructor Jessie Krebs in N. Ferrisburgh, VT. https://seretraining.us/about/

Questions? Email info@voga.org or call 802-425-6211. We’ll send you more details as the date approaches.

Thanks, and see you soon.