Winter Safety and Ethics for Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Winter Recreation Safety and Ethics
Vermont Outdoor Guide Association

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Please be careful and observe the following rules.      

Be aware that other users share this public land with you. Snowmobilers, snowshoers, hikers, and loggers may be encountered when you are skiing. Some of the trails go through active timber operations. It is your responsibility to ski safely through such areas and show courtesy to the loggers. Most of the trails you will be skiing on have been established on roads created during past timber operations.
Dogs are best left at home because several sections of these trails pass through deer wintering areas. 

Please be careful and not ski beyond your ability. Heed your body’s warning system. Wear proper layered clothing. Check local weather conditions before heading into unknown terrain, and if you ski alone make sue someone else is aware of your location. 


A map and Compass
Extra Clothing
Waterproof Matches
Emergency Food
First Aid Kit
Ski Repair Kit (extra tip, pole basket, Hose clamps)
Litter Bag

SEARCH AND RESCUE costs the taxpayers and you may be billed for some or all of the costs. In case of and accident go to the nearest available phone and dial 911. The dispatcher can assist in the most efficient method of receiving help. It is important that you obtain professional help if needed and not try a search and rescue by your self or with friends. 

LEAVE NO TRACE of your visit. If you can carry it in, you can carry it out. Please go one step further and carry our
trash which careless persons have left behind. Litter and trash scattered around can down-grade the skiing
experience, especially on a white blanket of snow. 


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