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Hunter Education Schedule (Statewide)

NRA Trap Shooting Camp - Every Sunday during May – September
North Country Sportsman’s Club, Gun Club Road, Williston, VT, Off Old Creamery Road.  from 12:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. Agenda: Each session will be limited to 10 people: Cost: $20 per individual and pre-registration is recommended since each session will be limited to 10 people. Walk-ins are welcome as space permits. Cost includes loaner shotgun, ammunition, clay birds, and eye and ear protection. Contact: Tom Blair, (802) 872-8329 (please, no calls after 8:00 p.m.) or via email at . A registration form is also available at


Scheduled Events:

June 8, Moosalamoo Association Meeting
On behalf of the Moosalamoo Association (MA) we invite you, or a representative from your organization, to participate in a meeting/working session with us and other recreation-based and interested partners of the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area (MNRA) to be held on Wednesday June 8, 2016 4-6pm at Blueberry Hill Inn, Goshen, VT (Tel. 802-247-6735). Refreshments to be served. This will be an opportunity, particularly after this challenging winter, for all recreational organizations to discuss the current status and future of outdoor activities within the MNRA and how we can strengthen our collaboration to help realize the goal of making this area a world-class destination for visitors. Please RSVP by replying to  with the name of who is attending.

June 18 - 19m Tracking and Awareness
Tracking and Awareness is happening June 18th and 19th. This class is a blend of detail and experience tracking. If you are new to tracking, or have been tracking for years, you will be sure to learn more about local Vermont wildlife. This skill set has had one of the largest impacts on my life as it greatly facilitates a way to interact with the landscape in recognition to all the other lives we share it with. Details at  Contact us at  or 802.456.1253 Located at; 192 Bear Notch Rd. Bradford Vt, 05033

June 25, Hunter Education Instructor Training Course Offered
RANDOLPH, Vt. -- The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is offering a New Instructor Training Course for people interested in volunteering to teach Hunter Education, Trapper Education, or Bowhunter Education courses in Vermont. The training will take place June 25 at the Randolph Fish & Game Club in Randolph, Vt. Policies and procedures, field techniques, and teaching methods will all be covered in order to give instructors the tools to teach future Vermont hunters how to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Those planning to attend should sign up online at  or call 802-828-1193 at least one week prior to the course date. 

June 25 - 26, Mounted Archery Clinic
Bow and arrow handling and safety. Mediterranean and Mongolian shooting techniques. Unmounted and mounted exercises to develop and enhance your skills. Training and desensitizing horses for mounted archery. Equipment choices and resources. Stabling is available for your horse. A limited number of trained horses are available. Archery equipment is provided, or bring your own. Some previous riding experience is necessary to participate. Call 802 456 1680 to discuss if you are not sure. This clinic is for youth to adult. Clinic participants are encouraged to work at their speed and level. The learning environment will be supportive and fun. Briar Hill Farm, 1082 East Hill Rd. East Calais, Vermont.

June 25-26, 2016, Abenaki Heritage Weekend
Vergennes: This special weekend hosted by Lake Champlain Maritime Museum gives visitors an Abenaki perspective on life in the Champlain Valley. Members of the Elnu Abenaki Tribe, the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk and Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation, and the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association work with Museum staff to plan and present the event. The Native people at this event are experts in the living indigenous arts and traditions which they come together to share with one another and with visitors. They have inherited, researched, reconstructed, or apprenticed to learn the techniques with which they create outstanding beadwork, quillwork, basketry, pottery, woodworking and other items for personal use or for sale. Tribal members will also share songs, drumming, dancing, games, food preparation, and other life skills.

July 9 - 10, 2016, Basic Stone Tools - Flint Knapping
This skill is tightly connect to who we are as people, having been done for millions of years. This course is a basic stone tool class for beginner and intermediate flint knappers. Details at  Contact us at  or 802.456.1253 Located at; 192 Bear Notch Rd. Bradford Vt, 05033

July 10 - 15, The Way of the Bow-Ancient Archery Camp
Join Roots School for a five day overnight journey into the Way of the Bow. In this course, students get to handcraft a beautiful and functional bow and their own arrow. Outside of the time they spend building these ancient weapons we will get out into the forests to learn how to track wildlife, stalk quietly across the landscape, and of course, archery! As well as the physical skills we will also explore the code of the archer, an ethic of the responsibility with their weapon and in stewarding their landscape. Age 13-17, Location: Corinth, VT.

July 16, Introductory Bird-Friendly Sugarbush Management
9:00am - 12:00pm, Sugarbushes not only provide us with maple syrup, they also provide nesting habitat for a variety of songbirds. The Green Mountain Audubon Center’s sugarbush will serve as an outdoor classroom for learning the principles of bird-friendly sugarbush management. Learn about bird species that commonly nest in “the bush”, what their habitat needs are, and practical forest management approaches to integrating bird habitat with sap production. Opportunities for getting involved with the Bird-Friendly Maple Project will also be explored. This workshop is geared toward beginner and/or hobby maple producers with limited knowledge of sugarbush management.

July 17 - 23, 2016, Core Skills
This class introduces students to our school’s main elements, primitive survival skills, tracking, and awareness. In this week long course students will gain hands on experience and time tested information about survival shelters, primitive water filtration and gathering, and friction fire skills such as bow drill and hand drill. Tracking and awareness will support all of these skills as we learn the skills necessary to becoming a member of our ecosystem, not an alien struggling to survive.  Details at  Contact us at  or 802.456.1253 Located at; 192 Bear Notch Rd. Bradford Vt, 05033

July 23 - 29, Woodland Ranger
Learn skills, build confidence, & embrace adventure. This week is packed with wilderness survival skills, stealth, archery, throwing arts, basic first aid, awareness, camouflage, & self defense that will challenge students to interact with each other & the landscape in new & exciting ways. The ultimate goal of the scout is to make themselves and those around them safer because of their training, and this is core to the training we do this week. This course will begin a student’s journey into learning these potent skills. Action packed and high speed, while also developing focus and motivation, this course will provide intense lessons into the way of the ranger. Days will include instruction and then putting the skills to the test in a wide variety of games, exercises, and scenarios.

August 6-9, MotoVermont Dual-Sport July Training Tour
Jay, VT - The Moto Vermont Three Day Adventure Bike, Dual-Sport Training Tour combines world-class instruction, challenging Vermont back roads and trails, and luxurious accommodations at Jay Peak Resort for a weekend long adventure that you will remember. Spend your days perfecting your off-road riding in mud, rocks and steep hills. Learn the proper techniques for hill climbing, water crossings and riding on rough terrain, while touring remote historic roads through beautiful Vermont. Breakfast, a trail-side lunch and dinner at the resort are included in this package. Dinners feature fresh, local ingredients like Vermont raised meats and Maine seafood. After dinner, relax by the fire with a warm cider or a Vermont microbrew, while recounting the day’s events with your fellow riders.

August 13, 2016, Crossbow Demo Day
R&L Archery will be hosting a free Crossbow Demo Day on Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 10-4 at Whistling Arrow Archery Club. With the changes to Vermont’s crossbow regulations, hunters 50 years old or older are now allowed to hunt with a crossbow without a special permit. Join us for a day of trying out many different brands and styles of crossbows and talking with factory representatives and R&L pro-staff. This event is geared towards familiarizing all of the potential new crossbow shooters with the operation and limitations of crossbows, as well as an opportunity to try shooting a large assortment of crossbow styles to help determine which may be the best for each individual shooter. This is a free event that will be held rain or shine at Whistling Arrow Archery Club, 965 VT Rte 14, East Montpelier, hosted by R&L Archery in Barre. For more information contact R&L Archery at 802-479-9151 or

August 20, Vermont Black Bears from A-Z
Saturday, August 20, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Mountain Deer Taxidermy, Northfield, VT. This seminar covers basic bear biology, successfully hunting bears, and processing bear meat. Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 17.

August 20, Youth Waterfowl Hunter Training
Saturday, August 20, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sportsman Club of Franklin County, St. Albans, VT. The seminar will instruct young waterfowlers aged 12 to 17 in waterfowl identification, hunting regulations, duck and goose calling, decoy sets, and safe shooting techniques. Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 17.

August 20-21, 2016, 2-Day Advanced River Rescue Clinic with Mike Mathers
As boaters run more challenging sections of river, they need to match their rescue skills to the difficulty of the water. Our 2-day Advanced Swiftwater Rescue course provides you with a unique opportunity to practice rescue scenarios in a challenging setting with our expert instructors. Advanced rescue participants should be solid class III boaters and should have taken at least the two-day basic swiftwater rescue course.

August 27, Small Game Hunting Seminar
Saturday, August 27, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Randolph Fish & Game Club, Randolph, VT. The seminar will feature workshops on hunting rabbits with beagles, hunting ruffed grouse with dogs from former Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry, and squirrel hunting. The seminar will conclude with a shooting workshop hosted by Randolph Fish and Game. Signup deadline: Wednesday, August 24. 

August 27 – 28, Wilderness Self Reliance
The Wilderness Self Reliance Weekend is a weekend course designed to cover the basic necessary knowledge one should have on even the most simple outing into the wild. Hunters, hikers, naturalists, travelers, or anyone doing anything in the back country will find this course a helpful compliment to their own skills sets and knowledge. We will cover preparedness, survival mentality, emergency shelters, fire starting through several modern and primitive methods, water gathering and purification, navigation, weather prediction, basic survival food gathering, hunting and trapping, and more. The goal of the course is to provide a practical primer for students so that they will feel more confident and ready to deal with meeting their own needs in the case of emergency.

September 3 - 6, Osage Long Bow Building
The bow has captivated peoples' hearts and minds from the misty depths of time to the present. The Self Bow Building class will bring the student from a seasoned stave to a finished, hunting weight long bow. Although mostly workshop, a series of several short lectures will be given to expand on subjects such as: wood selection and harvesting, bow design and performance, tillering, and instinctive shooting. The class will cover primitive bow building on a conceptual level as well as each step in the technical process from peeling back the bark to twisting your own strings. We will also discuss the bow in the context of survival skills. This class is a tremendous experience whether you are a hunter looking to hunt with your own handmade tackle or a lover of archery and its long history looking for a new bow to enjoy and shoot.

September 5-9 2016, Swiftwater Rescue
5-day Swiftwater Rescue (Level 4) Instructor Certification with Mike Mather, $595.00/person (plus fees)  

September 6, The Basics of Fishing, Free Fishing Clinic
The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department will be hosting two free fishing clinics in September, both of which are open to people of all ages and levels of experience, including those who are completely new to fishing. The first clinic, “Basics of Fishing,” will be held on Tuesday, September 6, at the Shelburne Bay Fishing Access Area in Shelburne. The clinic will focus on general fishing techniques and equipment, and is tailored toward those who have little to no fishing experience. It will begin at 4:30 p.m. and run until 7:00 p.m. Fishing equipment will be available for use, or participants can bring their own. Space is limited and pre-registration is required for participation in either clinic. Anyone interested can register by emailing , or by calling 802-505-5562

September 10, “Intro to Trout Fishing,”
Takes place on Saturday, September 10, at the Waterbury Public Library as well as on the Winooski River in Waterbury. The clinic, which will concentrate specifically on trout fishing tactics, will start at 9:30 a.m. and run until 1:00 p.m. “For those looking to learn the basics of trout fishing with spinning equipment, this clinic is a great starting place,” said Hart. “We’ll cover a range of topics including habitat, life cycle, regulations, and fishing techniques. The course is designed as an introductory level course and will emphasize basic live bait techniques as well as strategies for using artificial lures.” Fishing equipment will be available for use, or participants can bring their own. Space is limited and pre-registration is required for participation in either clinic. Anyone interested can register by emailing , or by calling 802-505-5562.

September 11, Wild Mushrooms of Autumn
1:00pm - 3:00pm. Amidst the falling autumn leaves, a mysterious and fascinating array of mushrooms fruit from trees, stumps and soil. Join Ari Rockland-Miller of The Mushroom Forager,  for a colorful presentation introducing gourmet and medicinal wild mushrooms of autumn. Then, we will head into the rich woods around the Green Mountain Audubon Center to pursue the distinctive and delicious mushrooms on the ForageCast, including porcini, lion's mane, yellowfoot chanterelles, and hedgehog mushrooms. Participants will receive a September ForageCast handout for the region, steering us towards a safe, targeted and fruitful foray.

Sept 16 - 18, Fall Doe Camp
Vermont Outdoors Woman is planning a sports weekend retreat for women of all ages. Instruction in hunting, shooting, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, survival and more classes are under development. We are pleased to announce the location will be at Jackson Lodge and Cabins, Canaan, VT, located in the heart of Vermont's backcountry. 

September 17, White-tailed Deer Hunting and Processing Seminar
Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Mountain Deer Taxidermy, Northfield, VT. The seminar will feature Vermont Fish & Wildlife deer biologist Nick Fortin, as well as Whitetail Tracker Brad Lockwood. Rodney and Theresa Elmer will demonstrate how to field dress, process, and prepare a deer for taxidermy. Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 14.

September 17, Law Updates for Firearm Range Operators
Saturday, September 17, 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Annex Building, Montpelier, VT. The seminar will go over changes to Act 250 and Act 145 that affect firearm range operation. Staff will cover changes to lead management in environmental stewardship plans and how to improve safety and noise mitigation at ranges, essential information for all range managers. Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 14.

September 21 & 22, 2016, 73rd Annual Vermont Conference on Recreation
"Ignite the Light" at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT. Imagine a picturesque view of the Vermont fall foliage reflecting off the sparkling waters of Lake Morey as you enjoy your morning coffee before embarking on a day full of interactive sessions and quality networking. VRPA and the Conference Committee would like to personally invite you to join us this year for the 73rd Annual Vermont Conference on Recreation. Plan now, put the dates in your calendar, Conference Brochure will be out in July. Are you a commercial exhibitor? Do you offer programming? Does your business offer products for parks and recreation? If so, there is still time to reserve a booth for this year's exhibit hall. Register and pay before June 1, 2016 and save $50.

Sept. 23-25, ROOTS School Rendezvous
A three day gathering of earth based traditional skills. This gathering is grounded in the idea that we as people can become more conscious, stronger, effective, and capable stewards of the land by learning new and old skills of interacting with the natural world. These three days have multiple workshop blocks, ongoing demonstrations, and night time fires and celebrations. Bring along family and friends, and come have a great time with others who share a passion for the natural world and leave knowing more about the beautiful world we a part of. There are a variety of workshops to choose from.

September 24, Advanced Bowhunting Seminar
Saturday, September 24, 2016, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Chelsea Fish & Game Club, Chelsea, VT. This seminar will demonstrate advanced techniques for bowhunting, including equipment, hunting tactics, and tree stand safety. Signup deadline: Wednesday, September 21.

October 5-9, 5-day Whitewater Instructor Certification, Instructor Development Workshop
5-day Whitewater Instructor Certification (IDW/ICE)(Level 3-4) - package: $595.00/person (plus fees)
Instructor Development Workshop - Oct 5-7 $395.00/person (plus fees) For the Level 3 - 4 Whitewater Certification, you can choose to sign-up for IDW/ICE consecutively or take one in the spring and the other in the fall.

October 8-9, 5-day Whitewater Instructor Certification, Instructor Certification Exam
$270.00/person (plus fees) For the Level 3 - 4 Whitewater Certification, you can choose to sign-up for IDW/ICE consecutively.

November 18 - 20, 2016, Wilderness First Aid and CPR
Join staff of SOLO for a two-day introductory course in wilderness medical emergencies. Course includes lectures and practical simulations. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and trip leaders. AHA CPR available for $45. Recognized by American Camp Association and various guide licensing boards. The resident participant fee of $260 includes meals, lodging and course. Day participant's fee of $200 includes lunch and course. All course fees are due in full upon registration. A confirmation packet will be sent to you upon receipt of registration form and fee. To register by phone (using Mastercard, VISA or Discover Card), or for more information, please call Lynn Daly at 802-333-3405. You can also fax to Lynn's attention at 802-333-3404. Pre-registration is required.

November 19 & 20, 2016, Wilderness First Responder Recertification
This two-day review is designed to recertify indiviuals previously certified as Wilderness First Responders. Although open to any WFR graduate, SOLO currently has reciprocity with WMI/NOLS and WMA; graduates of these programs can be recertified through SOLO providing their certification is current at the time of the course. CPR Recertification is available for an additional fee. Proof of eligible WFR and CPR training must be provided to SOLO before renewal cards will be issued.

January 6-8, 2017, WFR Recertification/Challenge
As an outdoor person you may find yourself in a situation where help is more than a phone call away. Typical first aid courses train students to provide care before an ambulance arrives. This course is designed for people who often travel where dialing 911 is not an option. It is experiential and tough, with emphasis on practical sessions and video taped simulations using mock victims.

January 10-16, 2017, Wilderness First Responder
As an outdoor person you may find yourself in a situation where help is more than a phone call away. Typical first aid courses train students to provide care before an ambulance arrives. This course is designed for people who often travel where dialing 911 is not an option. It is experiential and tough, with emphasis on practical sessions and video taped simulations using mock victims.



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